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Monday, April 23, 2007

Third page of "SPACES"

In here we tried to picture clearly on an open space (a common street anywhere), the feelings of the main character (No Name) and two new characters ( Lamplight and Randomless; don't ask me why, the characters begun to appear on my head :-) )

No Name's still trapped (human agony) without balance (as represented by Rodrigo's draws).
The Lamplight begins to act as character (almost like a God).
Randomless is the evil character of this story (he's got the key to unlock No Name and he's everywhere and anywhere like his name says) he laughs all the time torturing the characters that appear on these " SPACES"

Lamplight: Through me rays emanate, are they without cause or consequence or are they acts consequenced by someone?
Randomless: The opaque rain is something translucid. The key's the way to open perceptive doors.
No Name: Sounds; frenetic writing, kaleidoscopes without consequence, I want to release myself.

Images and ideas : Rodrigo Oliveira
Words and Ideas : Manuel Espirito Santo

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