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Monday, April 23, 2007

First page of " SPACES "

An idea based on characters that suffer the agonies; joys and melancolhy on life.

Question Girl - a metaphor to lost iddentity
No Name - The search for a soulmate.
Condom Box - The man who knows all of the tiny details in life.

On this first page we enter on a mere dialogue betweem individuals that are skeptical towards each other. ( the sewer was conceived, because on desperate spaces we find solace and companionship sometimes), we put there texture, because of the image that we wanted to provide.

The first words are in Russian and why?
Because they seemed lost ( We tried to vision here russia as it's nowadays )

We made an homage to cesariny ( a surrealist portuguese poet who died, when we were conceiving the idea for this ); so the translation is:

In every street I found you...
In every street I lose you...

Second image:
No name trapped inside of him and wants to release himself but don't know how ( if we look into the image clearly, we can notice there an harp, the instrument that transports melancholy over our points of view, we also notice a locker, he's trapped without a key )

Third image:
In here we put question girl in all her splendour, but is beauty a thing that delights us ( We think that beauty could be also a trapped thought,a trapped person and a fragile person )

Fourth image:
In here we didn't put any dialogues, because the characters began to release themselves and they appear on the outside ( showing their essence to the world ). it also appears there a new character that I'll talk later: screw.

So, what we see here's a delightful day with a moon on it ( based on Mélies ) another methapor to love and freedom.

Во всех улицах вы находите, во всех улицах вы теряете

Question Girl: Look into the sky; what do you see?

Condom Box: I don't know, the universe seems to me like a nut shell.

No Name: What a bunch of lunatics, quit the crap.

No Name: I'm an iddentity and I want to free myself....

Question Girl: I'm part of an iddentity, but I want to be more than a mere number.

Images and ideas : Rodrigo Oliveira
Words and Ideas : Manuel Espirito Santo

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