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Monday, April 23, 2007

Fifth page of "SPACES"

On this page we put a labyrinth to describe all the confusion that was on the characters heads (Tiny words appear in portuguese and all the characters appear but only with their heads)
I thought here that chaos was good to describe the story (as is our society today); made also a tiny homage to Bowie in portuguese (Don't you wonder sometimes about sound and vision?)

Condom Box: What's my purpose? I Only know how to moan.

No Name: Fuck; what do I do here on a ragless world?!

Screw: Screws; doodles, joints, what's the meaning of this?

Question Girl: Sometimes I forget who I am.

Randomless: arrrghhhhh. cold, fences and other subtextes; what's my role in here?!

Images and ideas : Rodrigo Oliveira
Words and Ideas : Manuel Espirito Santo

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