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Monday, April 23, 2007

Fourth page of " SPACES "

On this page we tried to put the characters interacting with themselves.
Moon's eliminating fire (Randomless will put fire on the story with the flow of the narration)
Question Girl is looking at No Name and Randomless and she's angry (because Randomless embraces No Name and doesn't release him, in spite of having the key to No Name's release)
Screw's loose and doesn't have a place here; he feels without direction and doesn't sees hope anymore (he's dizzy and was hammered several times:-) )
On the second drawing of this page; Moon's observing the characters and sees all of them on a coffee (they are desperate and the only one that smiles is Randomless who makes the bridge into the two circles)

Screw: I don't know what to do; the fusion is random; where am I?!
Question Girl: I'm merely a star. I don't make part of this fragmented piece.
No Name: What can I do more released of tempests and storms disorderless?

Question Girl: Moon smiles at me and I don't make any questions.

Condom Box: What do I do here on this oblique position? meanwhile; I try to give life to something obsolete.

Screw: Frenetic screws; doodles witouth cause or consequense; give me oil and I'll build a machine.

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