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Monday, April 23, 2007

Second page of "SPACES"

On this second page; we've tried to value the feelings of all the characters:

Question Girl on a ladder ascending it and becoming more questioned and confused; she was part of the ladder (the ladder could also be seen as a window, in here we tried to give a new vision of question girl's life as seen by another person, like reading her thoughts visually).
The rain was part also of her mood; she seeks shelter, solace, refuge, but the questions are always on her head:
- Should I?
- Why?
- What have I done?

He see also on the other drawing No Name (who's chained and projected into a screen, he didn't had the key to his locker and so to regain his freedom, he should be projected on the screen )

On the third drawing he see Condom Box on a drawer (he's near a candle and the drawer has three doors opened, here we've been inspired in Huxley's book " The doors of perception ")

Candle: To iluminate his ideas.
The three drawers opened to give a sense of releasement ( the first two drawers side to side ) The first drawer opened to give an idea of fusion between the three characters ( Question Girl; No Name and Condom Box ) Condom Box idea here was to be a help for No Name and Question Girl.

Final drawing of this page was the appearance of Screw (a character that seeks his soulmate); he's free but he has a need to fulfill his life with another thing (or person)
We see him here rotating and free but where's his soulmate?
The three that appears make part of the story also ( we imagined them as advisors to the characters: No Name; Question Girl and Screw)

Question Girl: What do I do here? I seek the metamorphosis endlessly. I desire the red square with all my heart .

No Name: I don't have a name; I have an identity. I search for the quiet camlness of the waves, in spite of all written by Lautreámont.

Condom Box: Is perseverance an unquietness; the existence isn't merely plastic or rubber or do we have to assimilate that? I preserve and want to be preserved.

Screw: I seek a partiture. I'm a mere inconsequent display. I love life and I know the river that it provides us.

Images and ideas : Rodrigo Oliveira
Words and Ideas : Manuel Espirito Santo

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